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  1. Netter's Orthopaedic Clinical Examination

    Special Price A$90.95 Regular Price A$107.00
  2. Orthopedic Physical Assessment

    Special Price A$187.00 Regular Price A$220.00
  3. PART - Medical-Surgical Nursing, Volume 2

    Special Price A$114.75 Regular Price A$135.00
  4. Advances in Immunology

    Special Price A$289.80 Regular Price A$340.93
  5. Perioperative Medicine

    Special Price A$274.55 Regular Price A$323.00
  6. Boron & Boulpaep Concise Medical Physiology

    Special Price A$109.65 Regular Price A$129.00
  7. Introduction to Physical Therapy

    Special Price A$93.50 Regular Price A$110.00
  8. Ethical Dimensions in the Health Professions

    Special Price A$79.88 Regular Price A$93.98
  9. Workbook for Surgical Technology

    Special Price A$61.18 Regular Price A$71.98
  10. In Situ Molecular Pathology and Co-expression Analyses

    Special Price A$247.35 Regular Price A$290.99
  11. Unconventional Gas and Light Oil Reservoir Rate-Transient Analysis

    Special Price A$150.40 Regular Price A$176.95
  12. Agricultural Water Management

    Special Price A$164.03 Regular Price A$192.98
  13. Global Logistics Network Modelling and Policy

    Special Price A$180.20 Regular Price A$212.00
  14. Advances in Polymeric Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications

    Special Price A$261.80 Regular Price A$308.00
  15. Handbook of Economic Stagnation

    Special Price A$225.25 Regular Price A$265.00
  16. Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    Special Price A$270.30 Regular Price A$318.00
  17. Plant Biochemistry

    Special Price A$143.61 Regular Price A$168.95

    Special Price A$126.65 Regular Price A$149.00
  19. Veterinary Toxicology 3E

    Special Price A$150.40 Regular Price A$176.95
  20. Boorman's Pathology of the Rat 2e

    Special Price A$251.56 Regular Price A$295.96
  21. Equine Dermatology 2e

    Special Price A$241.36 Regular Price A$283.95
  22. Equine Emergencies 4e

    Special Price A$127.46 Regular Price A$149.95
  23. Clinical Vet Advisor Birds Exotic Pet 1e

    Special Price A$124.91 Regular Price A$146.95
  24. Oral & Maxillofacial Surg Dogs & Cats 2E

    Special Price A$494.70 Regular Price A$582.00

    Special Price A$169.10 Regular Price A$198.95
  26. Saunders Comprehensive Vet Dict 4E

    Special Price A$75.60 Regular Price A$88.95
  27. Clinical Procedures in Vet Nursing 4e

    Special Price A$59.50 Regular Price A$70.00
  28. Sheep, Goat, & Cervid Medicine 3E

    Special Price A$200.60 Regular Price A$236.01
  29. Manual of Exotic Pet Practice

    Special Price A$142.80 Regular Price A$168.00
  30. Maders Reptile Amphibian Med & Surg 3e

    Special Price A$219.26 Regular Price A$257.95
  31. Miller's Anatomy of the Dog

    Special Price A$213.35 Regular Price A$251.00
  32. Cunningham's TB Veterinary Physiology 6e

    Special Price A$169.15 Regular Price A$199.00
  33. Clinical Veterinary Advisor Dogs Cats 4e

    Special Price A$157.25 Regular Price A$185.00
  34. Cowell & Tyler's Diagnostic Cytology 5E

    Special Price A$205.70 Regular Price A$242.00
  35. Large Animal Internal Medicine 6E

    Special Price A$303.45 Regular Price A$357.01
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