Training In Anaesthesia

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  • Author: KIFF
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Publish Date: 2010-03-25

Oxford Specialty Training is a specialty revision series for postgraduate trainees, taking into account the training structures and syllabuses newly introduced by the Modernising Medical Careers initiative.

Training in Anaesthesia is a curriculum-based guide to the first phase of specialty training in anaesthetics; comprehensively covering the specific techniques, assessments and basic medical and physiological knowledge that trainees are required to learn as part of their basic training. These areas are currently examined by the Primary FRCA exam as part of a student's progress towards full fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, though the knowledge contained within the book continues to apply throughout all phases of training.

The book is authored by both trainees and specialists, and has been comprehensively edited and peer-reviewed by both groups in order to create an authoritative yet accessible text, highlighted and augmented by many of the diagrams and key concepts that a trainee may be expected to reproduce during viva examinations. Novel drug tables convey essential information in a new and attractive form, and the majority of images have been created specifically for this book, avoiding the cliched figures and illustrations reproduced in training texts to date. The organisation of the material is unique, and the topic-based design ensures easy navigation and structured revision and learning.

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Publish DateMar 25, 2010
Stock Status3-4 weeks
Table Of Content

1: Pre-operative assessment
2: The anaesthetics room, checks and equipment
3: The anaesthetics room environment
4: The operating room environment
5: Recovery
6: Applied anatomy, regional and spinal anaesthesia
7: Essential concepts in physiology and pharmacology
8: The central nervous system and pain physiology
9: The autonomic nervous system
10: Muscle physiology and pharmacology
11: Cardiovascular physiology, pharmacology and medicine
12: Body compartments and fluid balance
13: Renal physiology, pharmacology and medicine
14: Respiratory physiology, pharmacology and medicine
15: Haematology
16: Immunology
17: Microbiology & infection control
18: Liver and GI tract physiology, pharmacology and medicine
19: Endocrine physiology, pharmacology and medicine
20: Obstetric anaesthesia and analgesia
21: Paediatric anaesthesia and analgesia
22: Anaesthesia and analgesia in the elderly
23: HDU and ICU care
24: Trauma
25: Critical incidents
26: Maths for the anaesthetist

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