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  1. Quick Draw Anatomy for Anaesthetists

    Special Price A$42.49 Regular Price A$50.00
  2. History Taking for Medical Finals

    Special Price A$33.99 Regular Price A$39.99
  3. Physics in Anaesthesia

    Special Price A$71.40 Regular Price A$84.00
  4. Statistical Tools for Epidemiologic Research

    Special Price A$102.81 Regular Price A$120.95
  5. Oxford Textbook of Neuroscience and Anaesthesiology

    Special Price A$201.41 Regular Price A$236.95
  6. Practical Perioperative Transoesophageal Echocardiography

    Special Price A$173.36 Regular Price A$203.95
  7. The Difficult Airway A Practical Guide

    Special Price A$186.96 Regular Price A$219.95
  8. Oxford Textbook of Anaesthesia for the Elderly Patient

    Special Price A$164.86 Regular Price A$193.95
  9. Anaesthesia for the Overweight and Obese Patient

    Special Price A$42.46 Regular Price A$49.95
  10. Advanced Training in Anaesthesia

    Special Price A$157.21 Regular Price A$184.95
  11. Oxford Textbook of Transplant Anaesthesia and Critical Care

    Special Price A$229.46 Regular Price A$269.95
  12. Oxford Textbook of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia

    Special Price A$270.26 Regular Price A$317.96
  13. The Complete Recovery Room Book

    Special Price A$71.36 Regular Price A$83.95
  14. Opioids in Non-Cancer Pain

    Special Price A$45.01 Regular Price A$52.95
  15. Obstetric Anesthesia

    Special Price A$95.16 Regular Price A$111.95
  16. Anesthesia Emergencies

    Special Price A$77.31 Regular Price A$90.95
  17. Regional Anaesthesia, Stimulation, and Ultrasound Techniques

    Special Price A$79.01 Regular Price A$92.95
  18. Thoracic Anaesthesia

    Special Price A$96.86 Regular Price A$113.95
  19. Anaesthesia for Patients with Endocrine Disease

    Special Price A$172.51 Regular Price A$202.95
  20. SAQs for the Final FRCA Examination

    Special Price A$84.95 Regular Price A$99.95
  21. Landmark Papers in Anaesthesia

    Special Price A$140.21 Regular Price A$164.95
  22. Day Case Surgery

    Special Price A$94.30 Regular Price A$110.95
  23. Principles and Practice of Regional Anaesthesia

    Special Price A$145.31 Regular Price A$170.95
  24. Anaesthesia for Emergency Care

    Special Price A$79.01 Regular Price A$92.95
  25. Vascular Anaesthesia

    Special Price A$92.61 Regular Price A$108.96
  26. Preparing to Pass the FRCA Strategies for Exam Success

    Special Price A$34.80 Regular Price A$40.95
  27. OSCE Questions for the Primary FRCA

    Special Price A$61.16 Regular Price A$71.95
  28. Neuroanaesthesia

    Special Price A$92.61 Regular Price A$108.96
  29. Training In Anaesthesia

    Special Price A$121.51 Regular Price A$142.95
  30. Consent, Benefit, and Risk in Anaesthetic Practice

    Special Price A$98.56 Regular Price A$115.95
  31. Chronic Pain Management for the Hospitalized Patient

    Special Price A$105.36 Regular Price A$123.95
  32. Oxford Case Histories in Anaesthesia

    Special Price A$69.66 Regular Price A$81.95
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