Magnetic Stimulation of the Human Nervous System

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  • Author: MILLS
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Publish Date: 2000-02-01

This book provides comprehensive coverage of the technique and clinical applications of magnetic brain stimulation. It begins with an account of the invention of the technique and considers the technical aspects of how magnetic stimulators work. The anatomy and physiology of cortical motor areas are covered in sufficient detail to interpret the findings. There then follows a discussion of the effects of magnetic brain stimulation in healthy subjects, covering the visual and motor systems, and the effects of repetitive transcranial stimulation. A chapter on the practical aspects of the technique's use in a clinical setting is followed by coverage of specific clinical applications in patients with demyelinating diseases, motoneurone diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, degenerative neurological diseases, movement disorders, spinal cord and peripheral nerve diseases. The final chapters deal with the use of brain stimulation in neurosurgical monitoring and discuss potential developments of the technique in investigating neural plasticity and in treatment of psychiatric conditions. Kerry Mills is an authority, pioneer and active worker in the field; he is uniquely positioned to review the technique, from its invention through to the very latest clinical applications.

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Publish DateFeb 1, 2000
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The development of magnetic brain stimulation; Biophysics of magnetic stimulation; Anatomy and physiology; Motor effects of brain stimulation; Stimulation of peripheral nerve; Brain stimulation of the visual system; Repetitive brain stimulation; Brain stimulation in a clinical setting; Demyelinating disease of the central nervous system; Diseases of the spinal motoneurone; Cerebrovascular disease; Diseases of the peripheral nervous system; Degenerative diseases of the nervous system; Movement disorders; Spinal cord diseases; Miscellaneous neurological conditions; Plasticity of the nervous system; Monitoring motor function during surgery; Conclusions and future developments

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