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  1. Wolf Prize In Medicine 1978-2008 (In 2 Volumes, With Cd-rom)

    Special Price A$540.60 Regular Price A$636.00
  2. Surgical Revolutions: A Historical And Philosophical View

    Special Price A$101.15 Regular Price A$119.00
  3. Medical History of Hong Kong: 1842–1941

    Special Price A$77.31 Regular Price A$90.95
  4. Medical History of Hong Kong: 1942–2015

    Special Price A$91.80 Regular Price A$108.00
  5. Thomas Bartholin. The Anatomy House in Copenhagen

    Special Price A$82.45 Regular Price A$97.00
  6. Disease and Medicine in India: A Historical Overview

    Special Price A$32.26 Regular Price A$37.95
  7. Multiple Sclerosis: The History of a Disease

    Special Price A$51.00 Regular Price A$59.99
  8. Great Medical Discoveries: An Oxford Story

    Special Price A$20.39 Regular Price A$23.99
  9. Syphilis in Shakespeare's England

    Special Price A$61.20 Regular Price A$72.00
  10. Pioneers Of Medicine Without A Nobel Prize

    Special Price A$67.14 Regular Price A$78.99
  11. Health, medicine, and the sea: Australian voyages, c.1815–60

    Special Price A$31.44 Regular Price A$36.99
  12. Leprosy and colonialism: Suriname under Dutch rule, 1750–1950

    Special Price A$164.04 Regular Price A$193.00
  13. Payment and philanthropy in British healthcare, 1918–48

    Special Price A$58.65 Regular Price A$69.00
  14. Mediterranean quarantines, 1750–1914: Space, identity and power

    Special Price A$172.55 Regular Price A$203.01
  15. Medical misadventure in an age of professionalisation, 1780–1890

    Special Price A$171.70 Regular Price A$202.00
  16. Work, psychiatry and society, c. 1750–2015

    Special Price A$67.99 Regular Price A$79.99
  17. Invention and Reinvention of Big Bill Broonzy

    Special Price A$52.70 Regular Price A$62.00
  18. Weill Cornell Medicine: A History of Cornell's Medical School

    Special Price A$70.55 Regular Price A$83.00
  19. Civilization and Disease 2ed

    Special Price A$40.79 Regular Price A$47.99
  20. On Race and Medicine: Insider Perspectives

    Special Price A$106.25 Regular Price A$125.00
  21. American Plagues: Lessons from Our Battles with Disease

    Special Price A$59.49 Regular Price A$69.99
  22. Remarkables: Endocrine Abnormalities in Art

    Special Price A$92.65 Regular Price A$109.00
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