Dermatologic Surgery

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Introducing a comprehensive, encyclopedic text dedicated to cutaneous surgery and reconstruction – valuable to both specialists and non-specialists.

Dermatologic Surgery is the first book to combine the benefits of an authoritative, evidence-based, multi-authored textbook with a practical, well-illustrated, step-by-step procedural guide complete with photographs, pearls, and pitfalls. Chapters follow a strict format that includes an introduction, evidence-based discussion, step-by-step guidance through a procedure, including numerous high-quality photographs demonstrating every critical step of the procedure, along with pearls and pitfalls. The experience of reading these chapters is more akin to attending a detailed clinical hands-on workshop, rather than simply reading a staid text. More than 150 online videos offer step-by-step procedural guidance.

Dermatologic Surgery is the first skin surgery text to fully address the important topic of billing and financial considerations. This material underscores the practical utility of the book, proving it is not simply an academic outline of skin surgery, but, is a true primer for real-world skin surgery practice.

TABLE OF CONTENTS A. Fundamentals 1. Principles of Skin Surgery 2. Surface Anatomy and Cosmetic Subunits 3. Surgical Anatomy 4. Wound Healing: Practical Considerations 5. Preoperative Evaluation and Informed Consent 6. Patient Preparation 7. The Surgical Suite 8. Surgical Instrument Selection 9. Suture Materials 10. Antibiotics: Pre-and Post-Operative Considerations 11. Ethics of Skin Surgery & Cosmetic Procedures 12. Billing & Financial Considerations in Skin Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures B. Surgical Procedures for Diagnosis, Therapy, and Reconstruction 13. Local Anesthesia and Postoperative Pain Management 14. Superficial Biopsy Techniques 15. Suturing Techniques 16. Cryosurgery 17. Electrosurgery and Hemostasis 18. Lasers for Actinic Damage and Scar Revision 19. Vascular Lasers 20. Chemical Peels for Actinic Damage and Scar Revision 21. Incision and Drainage 22. Surgical Excisions 23. Layered Surgical Repairs 24. Dog-Ear Correction 25. Advancement Flaps 26. Rotation Flaps 27. Transposition Flaps 28. Island Pedicle Flaps 29. Interpolation Flaps 30. Axial Flaps 31. Skin Grafts 32. Mohs Micrographic Surgery 33. Nail Surgery 34. Surgical Scar Revision 35. Managing Surgical Complications 36. Surgical Wound Dressings C. Cosmetic Surgery and Procedures 37. The Cosmetic Office: Practical Considerations 38. The Cosmetic Consultation 39. Chemical Peels 40. Neuromodulators 41. Fillers 42. Fat Transfer 43. Liposuction 44. Detergent-Based Fat Destruction 45. Hair Transplantation 46. Lasers for Skin Rejuvenation 47. Lasers for Hair Removal 48. Lasers for Tattoo Removal 49. Lasers for Pigmented Lesions 50. Body Contouring Devices 51. Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion 52. Photodynamic Therapy 53. Sclerotherapy and Management of Varicose Veins 54. Blepharoplasty 55. In-Office Face Lifting 56. Superficial Radiation Therapy

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