12-Lead EKG Confidence (DVD)

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  • Author: Anthony Chiaramida, Jacqueline Green
  • Publisher: Springer Publishing Co
  • Publish Date: 2014-04-15
Section I - Overview of heart function, the EKG, and methodology for measuring 1) Anatomy review of Heart 2) Physiology Review of cardiac conduction system 3) Basics of the 12-lead EKG 4) Heart Rate 5) The PR, QRS, and QT Intervals 6) Axis - the Science of Direction Section II - Outpatient Clinic Management of abnormal rhythms 1) Sinus rhythm Verify normal 2) Sinus bradycardia Brady checklist: Medication check 3) LVH Check for hypertension or murmur 4) Sinus tachycardia Tachy checklist: 5) Atrial fibrillation Check rate for control (correct method) Section III - Emergency Management of 12-Lead EKG 1) ST Elevation MI Call code MI 2) V tach Call code 3) Polymorp V tach Check drugs and Mg and K 4) Atrial fibrillation Correct ID and rate, med treatment 5) Atrial tach Correct ID, med treatment 6) CHB Correct ID, external pacing 7) Asystole Verify ID Section IV - 12-Lead EKG Dysrhythmias related to Surgical Conditions 1) Sinus tach post op bleeding 2) Sinus brady severe hypoxia 3) Sinus tach post op pulmonary embolism 4) LVH hypertension, diastolic HF 5) Atrial fib pulmonary embolism 6) V tach hypokalemia Section V - 12-Lead EKG Changes related to Medical Conditions 1) STEMI Code MI 2) Inverted T waves New change, treatment 3) Ischemia New change. treatment 4) Hyperkalemia Renal failure 5) Sinus tachycardia Aspiration pneumonia Section VI - Management of EKG Changes in Labor and Delivery Suite 1) Sinus tachycardia Bleeding 2) PVC's Cardiomyopathy 3) Inv. T waves, Long QTc Hypokalemia, N and V 4) LVH Eclampsia Section VII - Management of EKG Changes related Neurological Conditions 1) Atrial fibrillation ischemic stroke 2) Sinus bradycardia increased intracranial pressure 3) Atrial fibrillation low rate, overmedication 4) LVH hypertension 5) LVH aortic stenosis Section VIII - Management of Significant EKG Events in Endoscopy Unit 1) Sinus bradycardia vagal rxn 2) Heart block metoclopramide 3) Long QTc hypocalcemia from bleeding Section IX - Critical Care 1) Low voltage pneumothorax 2) Sinus tachycardia Tachy checklist: 3) Long QTc Hypokalemia 4) Wide QRS Hyperkalemia 5) Atrial fibrillation Pulmonary embolism 6) Low voltage Pericardial effusion 7) Atrial fibrillation Hyperthyroidism 8) STEMI Call Code MI 9) NSTEMI Drug therapy 10) Sinus tach Bleeding on heparin 11) Inverted T waves Unstable angina 12) AV block External pacemaker
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AuthorAnthony Chiaramida, Jacqueline Green
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Publish DateApr 15, 2014
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