12-Lead EKG Confidence: A Step-By-Step Guide 3ed

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  • Author: Jacqueline Green, Anthony Chiaramida
  • Publisher: Springer Publishing Co
  • Publish Date: 2014-10-15
  • Page Count: 504
Preface xiAcknowledgments xiiiNeed and Use xv12 Critical Concepts xviiSection I: Overview of Heart Function and the EKGCHAPTER 1 Anatomy Review of the Human Heart 3CHAPTER 2 Physiology Review of the Heart's Conduction System 17CHAPTER 3 Basics of the 12-Lead EKG 23Section II: Methodology: Measurements and Their Clinical SignificanceCHAPTER 4 Heart Rate 33Worksheets 44CHAPTER 5 The PR, QRS, and QT Intervals 49Worksheets 68CHAPTER 6 Axis-The Science of Direction 73Worksheets 114SECTION II Worksheets 118Section III: Common Clinical ArrhythmiasCHAPTER 7 Atrial Arrhythmias 125Worksheets 130CHAPTER 8 Ventricular Arrhythmias 133Worksheets 138CHAPTER 9 Junctional Rhythm, Heart Block, and Pacemakers 143Worksheets 152SECTION III Worksheets 154Section IV: EKG Changes Related to Conduction AbnormalitiesCHAPTER 10 Hemiblock 165Worksheets 174CHAPTER 11 Right Bundle Branch Block 179Worksheets 190CHAPTER 12 Left Bundle Branch Block 195Worksheets 208SECTION IV Worksheets 212Section V: The Ischemic Disorders: EKG Changes Related to Ischemiaand Myocardial Infarction (MI)CHAPTER 13 The Partially-Occluded Artery: Angina and Non-ST Elevation MI 219Worksheets 239CHAPTER 14 The Totally Occluded Artery: ST Elevation MI 243Worksheets 260CHAPTER 15 Prolonged Arterial Occlusion: Q Waves and Equivalents 265Worksheets 281SECTION V Worksheets 285Section VI: The Non-Ischemic Disorders: EKG Changes Relatedto HypertrophyCHAPTER 16 Atrial Abnormalities 293Worksheets 301CHAPTER 17 Left Ventricular Hypertrophy 305Worksheets 319CHAPTER 18 Right Ventricular Hypertrophy 323Worksheets 334SECTION VI Worksheets 338viii ContentsSection VII: The Non-Ischemic Disorders: EKG Changes Related to Drugs,Electrolyte Abnormalities, and Other DiseasesCHAPTER 19 Drug and Electrolyte Effects 345Worksheets 360CHAPTER 20 Clinical Conditions That Affect the EKG 365Worksheets 387SECTION VII Worksheets 391Section VIII: Self-AssessmentSECTION VIII Worksheets 399Answers to EKG Worksheets 409Index 417
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AuthorJacqueline Green, Anthony Chiaramida
Page Count504
Publish DateOct 15, 2014
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