10th Step and Beyond: Mother Support for Breastfeeding

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  • Author: Virginia Thorley, Melissa Clark Vickers
  • Publisher: Praeclarus Press
  • Publish Date: 2012-01-15
  • Page Count: 258
Preface - Anwar Fazal
Part I: Mother Support as the 10th Step for Baby-Friendly Maternity Facilities
Introduction: Mother Support as Step 10 of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative - Virginia Thorley
1.     Why Breastfeeding Women Need Mother Support - Melissa Clark Vickers
2.     Mother Support as Part of the Self-Help and Mutual Aid Movement: Historical Overview - Virginia Thorley
3.     Mother Knows Best: La Leche League - Kaye Lowman
Part II: Mother Support Around the World: Examples
4.     Grassroots Mother Support as the Basis for a Large Organization: Australian Breastfeeding Association - Nina Berry
5.     Scandinavian Breastfeeding Adventure: The First Years (1968-78) - Elisabet Helsing
6.     Mother Support in Malaysia - Norjinah Moin
7.     Mother Support Group Experience in Paraguay - Pushpa Panadam
8.     Peer Counselors for Increasing Exclusive Breastfeeding: Experiences from Bangladesh - Rukhsana Haider
9.     The Baby Café - Catherine Purdoe & Julie Williams
10.   International Organizations and the Mother-to-Mother Support Group  - Maryanne Stone Jimenez & Judiann McNulty
Part III: Moving Forward: Overcoming Barriers to Mother Support
11.   Beyond the 10th Step: The WABA Agenda to Broaden Mother Support Worldwide - Sarah Amin, Rebecca Magalhães, & Pauline Smith
12.   Supporting Mothers of Infants in NICU - Beverly Rossman, Michelle Greene, Amanda Kratovil, & Paula Meier
13.   Breastfeeding Support Groups for Mothers of Multiple-Birth Infants and Children - Karen Kerkhoff Gromada.
14.   Overcoming Barriers Through New Technology: Support Via Text Messaging - Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Danielle Gallegos, & Josephine Previte
15.   Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to the 10th Step in Lalitpur, India - Komal P. Kushwaha
16.   Breastfeeding Peer Counselors in South Africa: Influences of Local Factors - Jean Ridler & Rosemary Gauld
17.   Sustainability: Why Good Programs Fail and What We Need to Know - Virginia Thorley
Conclusion: Going Forth from Here - Virginia Thorley
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AuthorVirginia Thorley, Melissa Clark Vickers
Page Count258
Publish DateJan 15, 2012
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